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Connecticut's Wrong Way Car Accidents On The Rise

The Accountability Project found that there were 23 wrong-way car accident fatalities reported in Connecticut in 2022 – that is more than double the 11 deaths that occurred in 2018. Connecticut has seen a marked increase in wrong-way car accidents in recent years. Knowing how to drive defensively and recognizing the warning signs of a potential wrong-way accident can help to protect yourself and other drivers on the road. If you have been a victim of a wrong-way car accident in Connecticut, contact our law firm today to speak with a legal representative. 

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Wrong Way Accident Causes in Connecticut

Why have there been so many wrong-way car accidents in Connecticut? The vast majority of wrong way car accidents reported in Connecticut were due to drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 



Intoxication or Prescription Drug Use

Intoxication due to drugs or alcohol is one of the leading causes of wrong way car accidents in Connecticut. A driver who is intoxicated will be more likely to make dangerous decisions, such as driving the wrong way down a one-way street, driving on an off-ramp instead of the on-ramp, and so forth. Connecticut assessed more than 200 highway ramps and the number of businesses that serve alcohol within half a mile. Additionally, prescription drug use can affect a driver’s judgment and coordination, making them more likely to drive dangerously even if they don’t realize it.


Distracted Driving

Another major contributor to wrong way car accidents is distracted driving. Drivers that are focused on activities other than the road, such as texting, talking on the phone, or engaging in conversation with passengers, may enter onto a one-way street or freeway without realizing it until it’s too late. Therefore, drivers must keep their attention on the road at all times and avoid any form of distraction that can lead to serious consequences.


Poor Signage or Road Markings

Poor signage or road markings can also lead to drivers going the wrong way. In some cases, confusing signs can cause drivers to lose their bearings and end up on the wrong side of the street. Additionally, dimly lit streets and faded road lines may mean that drivers take a wrong turn without realizing it until it’s too late.

To combat this problem, Connecticut has started to install larger signs at major intersections that clearly indicate which way traffic should go. 


Weather Condition or Poor Visibility

Poor weather conditions or limited visibility are also major contributors to wrong way accidents. Fog, rain, and other inclement weather can make it difficult for drivers to see street signs that indicate the direction of travel on a one-way road. Additionally, unlit roads may cause drivers to mistakenly enter onto a one-way street, as they may only be able to distinguish the presence of cars rather than signage in the dark.


Sleepiness Or Fatigue

It’s not uncommon for drivers to make wrong turns after being behind the wheel for too long, especially if they are feeling drowsy or fatigued. If a person has been driving late at night after experiencing a lack of sleep, this can lead to confusion and poor decision-making on the road, potentially resulting in a wrong way accident. To prevent exhaustion-related wrong way errors, it is important to be well-rested before driving and take regular stops when traveling long distances.

Wrong-War Car Accident Locations in Connecticut

Where are the wrong-way car accidents happening in Connecticut?
  • I-95 in Guilford 4 Fatalities
  • I-95 in North Stonington 3 Fatalities
  • Route 9 in Cromwell 2 Fatalities
  • I-95 in Milford 1 fatality
  • I-91 in Windsor 2 Fatalities
  • Route 8 in Bridgeport2 Fatalities
  • I-95 in Bridgeport 1 Fatality
  • Route 8 in Waterbury 1 Fatality
  • I-291 in Manchester 1 Fatality
  • Route 25 in Trumbull 1 Fatality
  • Route 5/15 in East Hartford 2 Fatalities
  • I-84 in Plainville 1 Fatality
  • I-91 in Meriden 2 Fatalities
  • I-84 in Hartford 4 Fatalities
  • I-95 in Guilford 2 Fatalities
  • I-91 in New Haven1 Fatality
  • I-95 in Clinton2 Fatalities
  • Route 8 in Watertown 2 Fatalities
  • I-84 in Middlebury 2 Fatalities
  • I-91 in Wethersfield 2 Fatalities
  • Route 2 in Glastonbury1 Fatality
  • I-95 in Stonington 4 Fatalities

How To Avoid Wrong-Way Car Accidents

What to do if a car is going the wrong way? Stop immediately. Pull over to the side of the road and report the vehicle. Turn around when it is safe to do so. 

1. Know the Warning Signs of a Wrong Way Driver

You can spot a wrong-way driver while you’re in your car, if you’re paying attention. To avoid being involved in an accident, here are some warning signs to look out for while driving:
  • The headlights of a driver coming towards you on your side of the road
  • A tail light that is illuminated, but no one appears to be behind it
  • Someone driving against the flow of traffic without their hazard lights turned on
If you notice any of these signs, immediately slow down and pull over to the side of the road until it is safe to proceed.

2. Practice Defensive Driving Techniques and Always Follow the Rules of the Road

Defensive driving is an important skill for any driver. Practicing safe and defensive driving can help reduce the risk of wrong-way accidents. When on the road, always follow posted speed limits and make sure to stay alert and aware of your surroundings. Make sure to use your turn signals when changing lanes or making a turn. Additionally, be mindful of other drivers and always drive with courtesy to other vehicles on the road.

3. Know Your Local Traffic Laws and Speeds Limits so You Can React Quickly to Avoid Wrong-Way Accidents

Knowing the traffic laws and speed limits in Connecticut is key to reacting quickly to help avoid a wrong-way collision. Learn the basic traffic regulations and familiarize yourself with the speed limits on your routes. Look out for the directional arrows on roads that indicate which lanes are going in which direction, and be aware of any improperly placed warning signs that might suggest a car could be going the wrong way. Finally, if you do come across another vehicle driving against traffic, slow down, pull over to the side of the road, turn your headlights off, and call 911 immediately.

What Is Connecticut Doing to Prevent Wrong Way Car Accidents?

Connecticut announced an investment of $20 million into wrong-way driving countermeasures. 

New Roadway Safety Measures

  • Add pavement markings near ramps
  • Replace some traffic signals with directional arrows
  • Install more than 500 "Wrong Way" signs
  • New "Wrong Way" signs will be larger and more visible with high retro-reflectivity

New System That Detects Vehicles Going the Wrong Way

The wrong way detection system will pay special attention to spots where on-and off-ramps are located on the same side of the road, which can be confusing for drivers. Connecticut is rolling out warning systems at 16 areas of concerns. It installed the first in Danbury in January of 2020 and will expand this year. 

The 360-degree cameras will detect vehicle motion and include large, red signs that will flash when the system is activated, alerting the driver if they are driving the wrong way. 

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