Types Of Motorcycle-Related Injuries

Most Common Types Of Injuries From Motorcycle Accidents

Common Motorcycle-Related Injuries

The body is an amazing system. Even when seriously injured, a person may not immediately feel any pain, and yet could have life-threatening or serious injuries. In fact some injuries may take hours, days or weeks to become apparent. It is vital that you see a doctor for an examination after any motorcycle accident, and speak with a Hartford personal injury attorney. Painful shoulder injuries, soft tissue damage, herniated discs and internal injuries which cannot be observed by the eye become more painful over time. You are also advised not to talk to an insurance representative about your injuries or how you are feeling during this time.

Shoulder injuries are especially common in motorcycle accidents, and the victim can suffer long term pain, future surgeries and other negative consequences including permanent loss of ability that must be addressed in any claim filed seeking compensation for damages. Severe injuries can result from being catapulted off the seat and colliding with the road surface or a curb, a vehicle or another solid object or having the bike fall on top of the rider. The injury lawyers at our firm represent clients who have suffered such injuries as:

Head Injuries

 Traumatic Brain Injuries

 Fractures and Broken Bones

 Neck and Back Injuries 

 Shoulder Injuries 

 Severe Abrasions

 Amputation Injuries

 Serious Internal Injuries

 Spinal Cord Injuries

 Fatal Injuries 

Recovery can take a long time and involve high medical and other expenses. More serious injuries can affect a person’s ability to return to work and may require life-long care. Insurance companies representing the defendant look for statements from the injured individual that can be used to justify a low settlement amount. In some cases an insurance representative may arrive at the hospital to make an unreasonably low offer. Families who have lost a loved one through fatal injuries have the right to file a wrongful death claim to seek justice.

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