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Fighting For The Full And Fair Compensation Of Burn Victims Throughout Connecticut

Severe burns are agonizing for victims while the skin is healing. It can take months for skin and muscle to recover from deep burns. During that time, you may require hospitalization, constant medical attention, multiple surgeries and skin grafts. Furthermore, burn injuries weaken the immune system, making you more susceptible to infection and other illnesses.

Disfigurement is common among burn victims and may induce lifelong emotional distress and inhibit your abilities to interact normally in society, find gainful employment and establish new relationships.

Getting Legal Help You Can Depend On

At McCoy & McCoy, we represent those who have suffered severe burn injuries from fire, explosion, motor vehicle accidents, chemical exposure, electrocution or any other accidents.

We know that insurance is unlikely to offer fair compensation in an initial settlement offer. The injury lawyers at our firm are proud to do the heavy lifting on behalf of our clients because we believe that our work not only helps provide fiscal stability and future comfort, but also allows victims to focus their time and attention on getting better, staying well and enjoying life.

If you or a loved one has been badly burned, you can trust our injury attorneys to take on your case and defend your rights.

No accident victims should ever find themselves unable to pay for necessary medical treatment or have to deplete their savings, sell their home, or fall into debt in order to pay hospital or other medical bills.

We provide our utmost dedication, attention and legal abilities when pursuing compensation for you. Learn more about our mission, track record of success and qualifications.

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