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Traffic Jam with Trucks

Get The Most From Your Truck Accident Lawsuit

When a car or any vehicle smaller than a multi-ton truck collides with a semitruck, the driver of the passenger vehicle often has no chance of avoiding a serious injury. If you or a loved one has been injured in a serious accident with a truck, you will face the overwhelming costs of medical treatment, likely spend significant time away from work during your recovery, and deal with the emotional trauma of having been involved in terrifying accident.

Fortunately, the law provides the victims of such accidents with certain rights, including the right to pursue compensation from the responsible party.

With the help of McCoy & McCoy, you can seek damages through a personal injury lawsuit or negotiate a monetary settlement with the insurance company for the past, present and future damages and losses you suffer through unnecessarily.

Depending on the extent of your injuries and the circumstances of the accident, a lawyer from our firm can guide you through the appropriate legal process. To speak with a lawyer about recovering the full and fair compensation that you deserve (not the low estimate the insurance company gave you), do not hesitate to complete a free case evaluation today.

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The Dangers Of A Truck Collision

Over 5,000 people are killed in serious trucking accidents each year in the U.S., meaning that a victim is either injured or killed every 16 minutes. Unfortunately, many of the drivers who are involved in a collision with a much larger vehicle stand very little chance of protecting themselves against the crushing force of an 18-wheeler. As such, statistics show almost 98 percent of the time that a truck-related fatality occurs, the victim is the driver of a passenger car.

Any given semitruck on the road can weigh upward of 40,000 pounds, so when a collision occurs, the damage is often catastrophic. Whether because of driver fatigue, intoxication, equipment failure or distracted driving practices, an irresponsible truck driver has the potential to cause irreversible damage.

Top 10 Causes Of Truck Accidents

Although not all trucking accidents can be attributed to the fault of the truck driver, statistics show that nearly 77,000 of the 141,000 collisions that take place on the roadways across the country each year are, in fact, the fault of a commercial driver.

Of these accidents, there are a variety of different reasons why the collision happened. They are as follows:

  1. 26 percent – Prescription drug use
  2. 23 percent – Driving at unsafe speeds
  3. 22 percent – Unfamiliar environment
  4. 18 percent – Over-the-counter drug use
  5. 14 percent – Failure to check surroundings
  6. 13 percent – Driver fatigue
  7. 9 percent – Illegal maneuvering
  8. 8 percent – Distracted driving
  9. 7 percent – Slow reaction time
  10. 7 percent – Aggressive driving

All of these irresponsible driving practices have the potential to leave an unsuspecting victim permanently injured, or even dead, in the wake of a collision. Fortunately, the law is on the side of the wrongfully injured.

If you have been involved in a similar accident at the hands of a negligent truck driver, you have the right to pursue compensation, either through an insurance claim or through a personal injury lawsuit.

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