Trick-or-Treat: Common Injuries on Halloween

Trick or Treat Injury Causes

Common Trick-or-Treat Injures

Halloween is always an exciting and thrilling time of the year – especially for children and families who participate in trick-or-treating. With the high amount excitement, unfortunately comes risks. Besides monitoring candy intake, trick-or-treaters need to also monitor any hazardous conditions and distracted drivers on the road. Halloween has some of the highest accident and injury rates of all days. Below are three of the most common causes of trick-or-treater injuries on Halloween. 


Premises Liability Accidents

Homeowners who welcome trick-or-treaters must make sure their property is safe and secure. Hazardous conditions on homeowner’s properties can result in slip-and-fall and trip-and-fall accidents for trick-or-treaters. Homeowners can take necessary precautions to help keep their visitors safe by doing the following:

  • Make sure that ANY walkway on the premises is well-lit so that trick-or-treaters have a clear view of their path. Ensure that visitors enter in the safest way possible by blocking off any other unsafe entrances.
  • Double check for any loose stones, steps, broken railings, and uneven pavement that might be in the visitors walkway. In addition, check for any fallen leaves or plant debris that trick-or-treaters could potentially slip on. If you do come across any of these conditions last minute and cannot fix it right away, block it off. It is not worth the risk. By doing this, trick-or-treaters will know not to take that route.
  • Don't scare guests too much! As fun as it is to create a spooky scene, try not to scare trick-or-treaters so much that they might fall over in shock.
  • Keep any open flames (pumpkin candles, etc.) away from trick-or-treaters.

Dog Bites and Animal Attacks

Dogs are overstimulated on halloween with the amount of new visitors and smells they are experiencing. Although this night can be exciting to a dog, it can also be threatening. As cute as it is to show off your dog’s costume to new visitors, it is best to keep your dog inside a space that is blocked off. Owners can’t always predict how their dog will respond to new guests, so for safety reasons, keep the dog out of harms way (and then reward them after, of course). 

Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents are particularly prevalent during halloween. To ensure that trick-or-treaters are visible to drivers as the evening winds down, they should wear reflective gear and carry flashlights. Trick-or-treaters should be extra cautious when walking in the road and crossing the streets. Be aware of all surroundings and watch carefully for approaching cars.

During this night, drivers can also reduce the risk of pedestrian accidents by driving especially cautiously. This means avoid any distractions that takes your attention off the road, such as the use of a cellphone and listening to loud music. Be prepared to drive slow and share the road with pedestrians during Halloween. Look and listen for trick-or-treaters. Trick-or-treaters travel in packs, so if you see one, you are likely to see more traveling behind. Last but not least, NEVER get behind the wheel after consuming drugs or alcohol. 

If You Have Been Injured On Someone Else's Property

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