Slip and falls

Slip and Falls and Trip and Falls

Whether your accident occurred on an unsafe commercial or private property, our Connecticut slip and fall lawyers can help you seek full and fair slip-and-fall accident compensation for past, present and future damages and losses relating to your injuries.We have the skill and dedication to help you seek justice:
  • Representation from a board-certified civil trial attorney
  • Excellent history of results (over 90 percent of our cases settle favorably before trial)
  • Commitment to clients: “It’s all about the client" is our philosophy
  • Advocacy backed by decades of proven experience since 1960

We Fight For Your Rights

If you or a loved one has been harmed because a property owner failed to take care of a safety risk, then you need to be aware of your rights. With an experienced attorney at your side, you can determine how much compensation you could be owed for your injuries and medical treatment.

Our firm focuses 100 percent on personal injury law, and we will be devoted to representing your interests in court and negotiations with all opposing parties, handling all legal aspects of your case.

Property Owners Owe Visitors Reasonable Safety Precautions That Include:

  • Making sure that the floor is dry or clearly marking it as wet
  • Floors and stairways are well-lit
  • Walkways are not unsafely obstructed by merchandise or other objects
  • Stairways have reliable handrails
  • Floors are not rendered dangerous by upended tiles or folded carpets
  • Parking lots and driveways are properly sanded and salted to protect from icy conditions during the winter

In order to protect your rights to compensation, however, you urgently need an experienced injury lawyer on your side as soon as possible. Otherwise, you could run the risk of being offered an unfair settlement.

Don’t deal with the hassle of insurance alone. At McCoy & McCoy, you can find the personalized, experienced and trial-tested advocacy that you deserve. Please call us today to speak with a slip and fall attorney.

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