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Swimming Pool Accidents

                                                                                       Its summer time in New England and that means swimming pools and pool […]

Unsafe Lane Change on 84 East Caused Accident and Serious Injuries

Unsafe lane changes can cause serious accidents resulting in serious injuries! An unsafe lane change is a Connecticut statute that states on multiple lane highways one must travel in a single lane until it is determined safe to switch lanes. Connecticut highways make this very easy for us by having designated passing lanes, and slow […]

Motor Vehicle Accidents can Cause Vision Loss

Car accidents cause numerous bodily injuries. One injury that is often overlooked in the initial medical evaluation after a car accident is a loss of vision. Few medical professionals in healthcare facilities, including head trauma rehabilitation centers, are sufficiently aware of visual problems resulting from Traumatic Brain Injury. When two cars collide, the force causes […]

Getting Your Police Report After a Car Accident on a Connecticut Highway

If you have been in a car accident on a Connecticut Highway you need your accident report. However, obtaining that report is not as easy as obtaining a local town police report. Connecticut has three major highways. Interstate 85, 91, and 95. These highways are patrolled by the state police. If you have an accident […]

Why are Some Fixed Object Collisions Fatal?

You may think that most of the fatal car accidents which occur in Connecticut involve multiple cars. However, crashes involving one vehicle can be fatal, and this includes fixed object collisions. A previous blog listed many of the factors behind these incidents. Today’s blog will discuss why these accidents can be deadly. The way a […]

Connecticut Drivers Rated Second Worst

Speeding and distracted driving helped to get Connecticut drivers ranked 49th out of drivers in all 50 states. This rating came from EverQuote, Inc., who used a safe-driving app that measured speeding, hard turns, braking and phone use while driving. According to the report, speeding is the most common dangerous offense across the country, and […]

Lane-Splitting in Connecticut

Motorcycle riders in Connecticut and across the rest of the country were left rejoicing after California’s recent announcement that lane-splitting will now be legal and accepted on all its roads. Lawmakers cited a recent study performed by the University of California Berkeley that indicates that the move may actually be less dangerous for motorcycle riders […]

Torn Rotator Cuff Injuries from Car Accidents

Most consequences of a car accident can be seen immediately, such as the denting of metal or a laceration on someone’s skin, but lingering health may exist. Typically, when people think of car accident injuries that last for years, they think of whiplash or broken bones. Not too many people will think a torn rotator […]

Incorrect Police Report & Rejected Insurance Claim in a Car Accident

There are many ways that liability can be proven in the event of a car accident. The police report, witness statements, traffic laws, and photographic evidence can all work together to show who was at fault for the accident. However, what can be done if the police report is inaccurate and the other person’s insurance […]

Pedestrian Accidents: Can the Pedestrian be Held Liable?

One of our biggest fears as drivers is hitting a pedestrian, especially a child who may run out of the street, and one of a pedestrian’s greatest concerns is getting hit by a motorist. There is no doubt that some pedestrian accidents are caused by driver negligence; for example, when a driver is texting while […]