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Unfortunately, negligence can be found anywhere you go in Bridgeport, CT and beyond. It’s present during every commute and on a variety of premises you might otherwise think are safe. Negligence might not always lead to accidents, but when it does, suffering can ensue for months or even years. As a victim, you may be forced to deal with both physical trauma and emotional distress.

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If a silver lining exists in the harsh reality of today’s negligence-ridden world, it’s that you can hold problematic parties accountable for their behavior. With the right accident attorney in Bridgeport, CT on your side, you can obtain damages in recognition of your suffering.

As you move forward with your personal injury case, don’t hesitate to seek support from the board-certified, personal injury lawyers at McCoy & McCoy. We work closely with Bridgeport clients to deliver successful case outcomes. We are fully prepared to take your case to trial – and we will not charge any fees unless you win.

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Car Accident Lawyer in Bridgeport, CT
Whether you're driving on back roads or navigating the Connecticut Turnpike, you're always at risk of dealing with negligent drivers.
rear end car accident

Bridgeport Accident Attorneys

As you deal with the fallout of a car accident in Connecticut, you can count on the trusted Bridgeport accident lawyers at McCoy & McCoy to handle your most challenging legal concerns. Our Bridgeport car accident attorneys hold a long history of success in the most notably area, car accidents. We’ve worked with a variety of victims to secure compensation for medical bills, emotional distress, lost wages, and more. Our proactive approach allows you to avoid the hassle of dealing with insurance companies as you await the damages you deserve.

Board-certified in trial law, our Bridgeport, CT car crash attorneys hold the extensive knowledge and assertive temperament needed to secure desirable legal outcomes – even when handling decidedly difficult cases.

From visiting you in person to conducting an extensive investigation of the circumstances surrounding your crash, the car Accident Attorneys in Bridgeport will take every step necessary to deliver a favorable resolution – even if such an outcome is only available through taking your case to trial. 

Bridgeport Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Often, the types of negligence that commonly lead to fender benders and minor physical ailments for other drivers can prompt devastating injuries when motorcycles are involved. In such situations, it is crucial to hold problematic drivers accountable. Without a strong message from harmed motorcyclists, many drivers will continue to engage in dangerous behaviors that place others at risk.

The motorcycle accident lawyers at McCoy & McCoy will guide you through all aspects of the personal injury process. If a trial proves necessary, you can count on our board-certified attorneys to utilize an aggressive approach. No matter the nature of your case, you can take solace in knowing that you will receive prompt and personalized service from Bridgeport motorcycle accident attorneys who truly value your wellbeing.

Motorcycle Lawyer in Bridgeport. CT
As a motorcycle enthusiast, you enjoy the thrill of taking on the open road. Unfortunately, every trip comes with its fair share of risks, especially as CT drivers are notoriously negligent in their interactions with motorcyclists such as yourself.
motorcycle accident lawyer
Trucking Accident Lawyer in Bridgeport, CT
No two vehicle accident cases look exactly alike, but trucking collisions often involve a variety of special circumstances worth considering.

Bridgeport Truck Accident Lawyer

Your accident may have left you vulnerable to the same injuries commonly suffered in car crashes, but a range of other issues may also be at play. The sheer size of the vehicles involved in these accidents can prompt unbelievable damage, even when the negligence seems minor. Given the unique considerations related to truck accidents, it is extremely important to work with a Bridgeport truck accident attorney who understands the ins and outs of this niche area.

Don’t hesitate to seek help from the Bridgeport truck accident attorneys at McCoy & McCoy. We’ve handled a variety of complicated cases, including several involving trucking accidents in Bridgeport and surrounding communities. We understand the traumatic nature of these incidents and are determined to provide the compassionate guidance victims require.

Bridgeport Slip and Fall Lawyer

From spilled water to icy sidewalks, a variety of hazards can make a seemingly typical visit to a store or other business shockingly dangerous.

If negligence ultimately causes you to fall, you may suffer a wide array of severe injuries. Common examples include concussions, sprains, and broken bones. As you recover, you’ll deal not only with major medical bills but also the fear of future injury.

You deserve justice – and that’s exactly what the Bridgeport slip and fall injury attorneys at McCoy & McCoy can deliver. We’ve successfully resolved countless slip and fall cases involving unique circumstances. We understand the need for proactive support, including extensive documentation of your injuries and the setting in which they occurred. Our team of Bridgeport slip and fall lawyers will make every effort to deliver the justice and damages you expect.

Slip and Fall Lawyer in Bridgeport, CT
When you set foot on business premises in Bridgeport, you anticipate the ability to navigate these locations without issue. Some owners and employees can be counted on to abide by these expectations, but many others leave customers at risk.
slip and fall

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As the victim of negligence, you deserve support from a CT personal injury attorney who cares about your wellbeing. You’ll be pleased to find plenty of empathy when you work with the Bridgeport personal injury lawyers at McCoy & McCoy. Our board-certified attorneys are highly respected – and for good reason. We continually secure positive case outcomes while also providing the ultimate in personalized service.

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Our personal injury lawyers in Bridgeport are prepared to fight on your behalf in court if necessary. We begin building your case from day one, with the full expectation that it could be taken to trial. No matter the ultimate approach, you can rest assured that your case will be handled with the care it warrants. Call (860) 500-1642 or contact us online to arrange a consultation.