Our Philosophy

McCoy & McCoy Injury Attorneys Always Put the Clients First!

At McCoy & McCoy, we handle every case with the motto, “It’s all about the client!”  

The wrongfully injured victims who come to our firm and ask us for our help are the reason we do what we do. Our Hartford Connecticut personal injury law firm is devoted solely to the practice of personal injury law. We understand how devastating of an experience it can be to suffer a life-altering injury at the hands of a careless medical professional, negligent inaction of a property owner, or a distracted driver, and we stop at nothing to recover the compensation that our clients deserve. Whether clients ask us to take on the other party’s insurance company and negotiate a fair settlement or to represent a case in court, we stand by our clients every step of the way. Keeping our clients informed throughout the entire process and explaining what to expect allows them to be as involved as they like in their case.

Board Certified Civil Trial Attorney

Frank McCoy

The National Board of Trial Advocacy has awarded attorney Frank McCoy the designation of specialist in civil trial advocacy. It takes effort to become certified because they only granted it to attorneys who have demonstrated a history of honesty and ethics, which is attested to by judges on the Superior Court and other practicing attorneys. Additionally, they must be highly experienced in courtroom proceedings and knowledgeable in personal injury, medical malpractice, products liability, and/or evidence law. Less than 0.5 percent of the state of Connecticut’s registered attorneys have received this kind of honor, thus it is an accomplishment to be proud of. As a result, you can be confident that your personal injury case is in competent hands when you enlist the help of McCoy & McCoy.

Our Philosophy

Putting the client’s needs and expectations first is the top priority of our legal team. This philosophy differs from that of most other law firms, as we do not represent insurance companies, corporations or government agencies-and we never will. Similarly, we do not take on every single case that comes our way. If a victim does not need the help of an attorney, we will tell them and further advise them on the steps that they can take on their own. When a client needs the help of a legal professional, however, we will be there to assist them in any way that we can. This includes managing the important matters of hospital bills, rental car companies, health insurance companies and/or state disability insurance-all before we even step foot in a courtroom.

Why Experience Matters

When faced with unmanageable medical bills, the inability to return to work and the emotional pain and suffering that inevitably follows a serious injury, you will need the help of a firm that is not only passionate about the work that they do, but one that is highly experienced, as well. With over 50  years of combined legal experience, the dedicated attorneys at McCoy & McCoy possess these qualities and more. They fully understand the scope of a personal injury lawsuit and know how to handle each step of the process in an efficient and timely manner-from the initial investigation and insurance processing, right up until the verdict is announced at trial. Almost 90% of the time, the cases that we represent will be settled before they ever make it inside of a courtroom, but the ones that need to be fought until the end will be handled with the continued level of aggression that it deserves.

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McCoy & McCoy offers experienced personal injury attorneys who put your needs first, keep you informed throughout the entire process, and fight aggressively for your right to compensation. Look no further than the legal team at McCoy & McCoy. We live by the philosophy that we have set for ourselves, so you can feel confident in the future of your case when you enlist the help of our firm. Take the first step toward recovery by calling our office at 860-560-1514 or by filling out and submitting a free case evaluation form online.

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