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While some professions are inherently more perilous than others, accidents at work can take place in any profession.

  • Construction workers and many other jobs involving manual labor are susceptible to injuries at work from falls, unsafe working conditions and faulty equipment.
  • Office workers can also be harmed. Trip-and-fall accidents, faulty building maintenance, or fires and more can cause serious injuries.

Each year, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports over 3 million non-fatal work-related injuries and several thousand fatal work injuries.

Injuries can also occur due to repetitive stress movements:

  • Back injuries from lifting
  • Joint and muscle injuries from any manual labor occupation
  • Carpal tunnel from typing
  • Neck spasms from reading too much

Can You Rely On Workers’ Compensation?

If you or your loved one has sustained injuries while at work, you may be required to file a workers’ compensation claim. However, workers’ compensation may not cover all of the expenses related to an injury, and it does not address the issue of mental anguish or emotional distress, or accidents caused by negligence.

At McCoy & McCoy, our injury attorneys will fight for your rights to recover damages for workplace injuries by filing a personal injury claim on your behalf. Compensation is awarded for hospital bills, disability equipment, ongoing medical costs, future medical complications and/or expenses, your pain and suffering, emotional turmoil, and other factors that may be applicable.

Our principal lawyer, Frank McCoy Jr., is certified in civil trial law by the National Board of Trial Advocacy – a distinction that fewer than 0.5 percent of all Connecticut lawyers have earned.

Common workplace accident cases include:

Defending Your Rights And Protecting Your Future

Our Hartford-based injury attorneys have served residents of throughout Connecticut for over 50 years. We have helped thousands of families and individuals who were harmed because of negligence obtain the just compensation they deserve. We are proud to offer our services to you and to provide individual attention and skilled legal counsel.

Many work-related injuries go unreported because the employee is afraid of getting fired or demoted. This should not stop you from receiving proper treatment and monetary aid for your injury. Contact our law firm today at 860-244-9100, or complete our free case evaluation form for prompt response from a lawyer.