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According to Connecticut law, property owners (businesses and homeowners) are required to maintain a safe environment for the shoppers, pedestrians, visitors or tenants who enter their property.In the event that a dangerous hazard or condition results in the injury of a person who has entered their property, that person can hold the property owner liable for the damages and injuries that they sustain.

Retail stores, especially, are meant to maintain this safe environment. There are many potential hazards that could cause injuries to shoppers who enter any store.

If you’ve been injured in a store due to the negligence of a retail store or their staff, please call our personal injury attorneys in Hartford at 860-244-9100.

We have served clients throughout Connecticut since 1960. In that time, we have successfully handled negligence cases against Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe’s and other major retail stores.

Our principal lawyer, Frank McCoy Jr., is certified in civil trial law by the National Board of Trial Advocacy – a distinction that fewer than 0.5 percent of all Connecticut lawyers have earned.

The Dangers Of Retail Stores – Any Amount Of Negligence Is Hazardous

Items such as cleaners, medicines, shampoos and foods as well as any type of hazardous or heavy equipment that may potentially harm a customer should be probably cared for, maintained as well as stored.

  • Items can be stacked precariously or shelves can be overloaded, causing objects to fall on patrons.
  • Messes or slippery floors can be allowed to remain, creating hazards for any person who enters the area.

These types of negligent acts by retail stores can result in serious injury or even the wrongful death of an adult or child who may be shopping in the store. Retail stores can be held responsible and, in some cases, forced by courts to pay compensation to victims of negligence.

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Suffering an injury while innocently shopping is both an unwanted surprise as well as an enormous burden. At McCoy & McCoy, we understand the confusion and pain that an injury can cause. We can assist you with your case by offering you the aggressive and dedicated legal representation that you need.

If you have suffered an injury at a retail store due to negligence, please call us today for the legal guidance that you need for your case at 860-244-9100, or complete a free case evaluation on our website.