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Attorney Frank McCoy, Jr. has been representing pedestrian injury victims for the last 20 years. He is known throughout the state for his focus on motor vehicle accidents, including pedestrians struck by vehicles. If you have been struck by a vehicle or have had a loved one injured or killed in a pedestrian accident, you want an experienced pedestrian accident lawyer in Connecticut. Not only will Frank help you understand your rights and options, but he can help you seek out the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

What You Should Do After a Pedestrian Accident

Immediately after a pedestrian accident, there are essential steps you should take. Naturally, any serious injury needs to be treated with prompt medical care. But in addition to medical treatment, you also want to get as much information as possible. That includes:

Don’t speak with the other party’s insurance company until you talk with Frank McCoy, Jr. As an active member of the Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association and the American Association for Justice, Frank will fight for justice in your pedestrian injury case. With Frank on your side, you can get the support you need to seek compensation. Your attorney will also work with you to obtain any information you may not have been able to collect due to injuries or other extenuating circumstances.

A medical checkup is vital after a pedestrian accident. Not only can that give you prompt treatment for your injuries, but it can help spot other problems you may not be aware of yet. For example, if you struck your head, you may have an injury that is not readily apparent but could still be dangerous. Good medical care will help you discover those things and provide you with more information for your attorney.

Why Having a Personal Injury Lawyer is Important

When you work with Connecticut pedestrian injury attorney Frank McCoy, Jr., you get the legal representation you can rely on to resolve your case successfully. Working with a trusted and qualified attorney can also increase your peace of mind. Frank will give you the help you need to work with the driver’s insurance company on fair and just compensation.

Connecticut Pedestrian Laws

A knowledgeable Hartford pedestrian injury attorney like Frank McCoy Jr. can help you learn more about the laws in Connecticut. For example, a new law that took effect in October 2021 clarifies that motorists are required to yield to a pedestrian if that pedestrian moves into a crosswalk. A pedestrian accident attorney will fully understand that law and can use that information to seek proper compensation for your injuries.

The new pedestrian law also states that drivers must stop for pedestrians who indicate they will cross the street. Signaling with your hands that you intend to cross the road is enough to require drivers to stop and wait for you to do so entirely. That signal or entering the crosswalk in any way are both acceptable for pedestrians. Drivers who fail to stop are subject to penalties and lawsuits if they strike a pedestrian.

If you need pedestrian accident attorney services in Waterbury, New Haven, Hartford, or anywhere throughout the state, reach out to McCoy & McCoy today. Attorney Frank McCoy, Jr. and the entire team can help you get the information and legal support you are looking for and fair compensation for your pedestrian accident.