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Serious Leg Injuries After Motorcycle Accident in the New Haven, CT Area

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A motorcycle accident on the city road


Motorcycle riders can be a vulnerable group when it comes to accidents and crashes. No matter how skilled or how much experience riders have on a bike, some accidents cannot be avoided. The rider’s injuries are often serious and costly.According to a report published by the NRD NHTSA, lower extremity injuries (LEI) are the most common type of injury experienced by motorcycle riders in an accident. The report states that from 1997 – 2006, 81% of motorcycle riders involved in a crash suffered leg or foot injuries. The worst injuries resulted from front end collisions. Lower extremity injuries require time and money when it comes to healing. These injuries often lead to extended hospital stays and permanent disability. Referring to the study cited above, the median hospital charge for riders who suffered a LEI from an accident is $39,000! That does not include the additional costs of physical therapy and follow up appointments with neurologists or orthopedists and other necessities for future care.Attorney Frank McCoy is an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer. He is well aware that motorcycle accidents take a serious toll on the rider physically, emotionally, and financially. Attorney McCoy has a reputation for winning difficult cases while not giving in to insurance companies. To learn more about Attorney McCoy’s negotiations with insurance companies, watch Lilas’ testimony here.

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