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McCoy & McCoy is Connecticut’s top personal injury and accident attorney law firm. Our attorneys have fought to recover billions of dollars for injured victims and will fight for you to get you the maximum amount of compensation you deserve.

Our services to you are prompt, convenient and highly personalized to your specific needs while still maintaining the aggressive and effective strategies that have helped us secure a reputation for top results. 

Why Choose McCoy & McCoy

At McCoy & McCoy Injury Law Firm, your case is prepared for trial from the outset. This means we are prepared to got to trial at any point and will never settled out of court unless it means you are getting the maximum amount of compensation you deserve.

What does it mean to be board certified?

Frank McCoy Jr. is a Board Certified Civil Trial Attorney in CT. This means he is one of less than .5% of lawyers in CT who are certified specialists by the National Board of Trial Advocacy. Our opponents know that this means our top accident lawyers are not afraid of court, which gives us a competitive advantage in negotiations. We leverage our past successes in our current clients’ best interests, and we will fight for your best possible outcome.

What is McCoy & McCoy's Philosophy?

What makes McCoy & McCoy one of the best personal injury law firms in CT is our dedicated client-centered approach. In order to offer such personalized representation, we limit the amount of cases that we take on to make sure our caseload is manageable. This ensures that no one suffers from an overworked lawyer who cannot invest the necessary time and energy into his or her case.

How does McCoy & McCoy stand out from the rest of the injury law firms?

We do not represent insurance companies, corporations or government agencies-and we never will. This allows us to offer unwavering support and dedication to our individual injury and car accident victims from the day you make the call to discuss your case, to the day you receive compensation for your suffering. Similarly, we do not take on every single case that comes our way. If a victim does not need the help of an attorney, we will tell them and further advise them on the steps that they can take on their own. Our goal is always to give clients the best legal advice possible for their individual motor vehicle accident or personal injury case.

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McCoy & McCoy has been fighting for injured victims rights for over 50+ years. Our team comprises Connecticut natives who have a passion for justice and the local communities we live in.

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