Labor Day Weekend Brings over 200 Car Accidents

The last weekend of summer is here, giving New Englanders an extra excuse to celebrate the Labor Day weekend. Sadly, holiday weekends have a reputation for seeing an uptick in car accidents.  By Sunday morning of Labor Day weekend, police had already responded to over 200 car accidents in Connecticut. Six DUI arrests were made in connection with the car accidents.

Why are there so many car accidents on Labor Day weekend?

  • Increased traffic.  Road traffic tends to be more congested from Friday evening through Monday night due to LDW travelers. A car accident is more likely to occur when there are more people on the road eager to reach their destination.
  • Distracted driving. LDW travelers tend to carpool with friends and family.  A car full of passengers can lead to an increased amount of distractions for the driver. These distractions could be anything from changing the radio station (finding a playlist that everyone in the car can agree with) to snapping a photo or video to post on social media. It is possible for a designated to become distracted by intoxicated passengers behavior. It is important that passengers respect everyones safety.
  • Driving under the influence.  Parties and BBQs are common during LDW. What is the harm in that? Nothing, unless someone that is over the legal limit gets behind the wheel. Do not be shy about confronting someone before getting into a vehicle! Be proactive about return home rides. Plan ahead.


How to Ensure Driving Safety During the Holiday Weekends  

  • Avoid peak driving times.  Mostly everyone has the same idea in mind for travel times during holiday weekends. If it is a long weekend, traffic will peak Friday afternoon. Consider leaving Saturday morning to avoid bumper-to-bumper traffic.
  • Decrease distractions.  Avoid using your cellphone or any other distracting temptations. Understand your route ahead of time so you can limit the amount of time spent looking at your phone for gps.
  • Limit night driving.  With reduced visibility, nighttime driving is difficult for all drivers. In addition to this challenge, there may be more drunk drivers and/or drowsy drivers on the road during the night time.
  • Have a driving partner. Having a companion in the car can relieve stress for the driver. It is possible for a passenger to remove some distractions and handle some tasks themselves, such as navigating the route and responding to driver’s calls or messages.
  • Plan ahead. With today’s technology, you can input your destination and view your route before even getting into the car. Check to see if there are any road closures or construction along the way. In addition to this, if you are going to an event where you might have a few drinks, plan accordingly. Will you have a designated driver or pay for an Uber or Lyft? If you plan to pay for a ride share app, make sure that they are active in the area you are in ahead of time!

“What should I do after getting into a car accident on a holiday weekend?”

  • Check your  environment and yourself for injuries.  Get your bearings straight. Figure out where you are, what happened, and how you feel and look. Check for any injuries you might see or feel. Make sure you are in a safe location – away from moving cars or hazards.
  • Call for help.  A police officer will be dispatched to the scene of the accident and file a police report.
  • Exchange insurance and contact information.  Identify other drivers involved in the car accidents. Get their names, contact information, license numbers, and car insurance details (company & policy number).
  • Document ANY evidence.  Take notes on what happened (either on your phone or on a pad). This is a crucial step in the car accident process because you might not remember what exactly happened as time passes and someone could try changing the story. Take pictures of the accident scene (vehicle damage, ski marks, traffic signals, area conditions) and injuries. Document how you feel if you can not see any physical injuries.
  • Be  cautious of what you say.  You might not know exactly what happened to cause this accident so it is important that you do not take the blame or immediately blame something else. Your words can be used against you later on if facts appear that contradict your statement.
  • Get medical help.  Even if you think you feel fine after a car accident, it is important to get checked out by a medical professional within 72 hours. An injury might start to arise days later as a result of the car accident.
  • Speak with a lawyer.  Do not talk to the other driver’s insurance company before consulting with a car accident attorney. You can connect with a car accident lawyer in Connecticut for free today.


How a car  accident attorney can help victims of a holiday weekend wreck  

The reality is that even after taking these precautions, fatal holiday weekend car crashes can still occur. It is extremely devastating when individuals that work hard all year decide to take some time off to enjoy the long weekend and instead end up in a horrific situation due to another drivers negligence.


Contact the Accident Lawyers at McCoy & McCoy

If you or a loved one were involved in a holiday weekend car crash, we want to help. The personal injury attorneys at McCoy & McCoy Law Firm have devoted decades to protecting the rights of car accident victims and their families. We have a comprehensive team that is ready to invest heavily in your case. Contact us today for a free consultation. We handle all car accident cases on contingency, so there is no need to worry about upfront costs. You do not pay us a thing unless we recover compensation for you.




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