Jackknife Truck Accident

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Jackknife Truck Accident Attorney in Hartford, CT

The hitch of a semitruck or tractor-trailer acts as a hinge in a jackknife accident. Due to the extreme weight and mass of truck-trailers, large trucks can easily jackknife when truck drivers need to slam on the brakes at high speed.When the trailer continues forward at a higher speed than the truck cab, the vehicles driving alongside or stopped on the side of the swinging trailer can experience intense collisions or get pinned between the truck’s trailer and guardrails or medians. The vehicles following the truck are confronted with a sudden wall across the road that is nearly impossible to avoid. Whether your car was struck or crushed by a jackknifed truck or involved in another type of collision, our jackknife truck accident law firm can help you recover maximum compensation that you deserve for damages and injuries.

Why Hire Us As Your Jackknife Truck Accident Attorney?

  • McCoy & McCoy attorneys work directly with accident reconstructionists and medical experts to establish the full and fair value of your claim
  • We account for all past, present, and future injuries and losses
  • We have been representing personal injury victims throughout Connecticut since 1960
  • Our principal attorney, Frank McCoy Jr., is certified in civil trial law by the National Board of Trial Advocacy – a distinction that fewer than 0.5 percent of all Connecticut attorneys have earned.

Was Your Loved One Killed In A Truck Accident?

We help family members recover wrongful death benefits in all types of auto accident cases. While monetary compensation will not replace your loved one, it will help you cover a host of expenses and provide you with benefits to help you cope with loss:
  • Medical Expenses
  • Loss of income from the deceased
  • Compensation for pain and suffering experienced by the deceased
  • Loss of Companionship
  • Loss of consortium (marital relations)

We will uncover negligence by the truck driver, trucking company or any other negligent actors, including the manufacturer of a defective truck part, if it was the source of the accident. Our team is thorough, compassionate and dedicated to each of our clients’ unique cases.

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