Interview with Attorney Frank McCoy, Jr

What made you want to become a personal injury lawyer?

I started out practicing in several areas. I did personal injury, divorce and criminal defense. As the years went by, I gravitated to the thing that I did best, which was the personal injury area, until finally it became the only area that I practice.

What sets your firm apart from the rest?
In our firm, our clients come first. It’s all about the client. First of all, our clients have usually had something terrible happen to them. They are scarred, a lot of times unable to work and in pain. Hiring a lawyer can be very intimidating. We try to make this process as easy as possible. Most of our staff has been with us for over 10 years, and they know the importance of trying to make the client at ease. We find that a positive relationship with our clients helps us more effectively represent them.

Tell us about a case that you are particularly proud of:
There is not one case that I can say, but as a general matter, I really enjoy a difficult case, that maybe another law firm didn’t want to handle, but we are able to figure out a different angle so to make it a successful case.

What steps do you take to prepare for a difficult case?
The biggest thing with a difficult case is figuring out how we are going to handle it so we maximize the chances of success.

What advice do you most often give to your clients & why?
Be accurate. Don’t exaggerate. In everyday life, people sometimes exaggerate. You may say that was the best dinner I have ever had. This is usually not accurate. When you have a case, the defense wants you to exaggerate so that they can make you look unreliable.

What types of personal injury claims do you specifically handle?
Automobile, slip and fall (premises liability), product liability, medical malpractice and general negligence.

Why should a prospective client choose to work with your firm?
This is all we do. Our entire office is staffed by experienced people who have worked in the personal injury area for decades and have the experience you need to fight the insurance companies.

Certified Legal Specialities

  • Civil Trial Advocate, The National Board of Legal Specialty

Professional Associations and Memberships

  • Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association, Member
  • American Association for Justice, Member