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McCoy & McCoy is a top legal resource for New London residents. We have successfully recovered millions on behalf of our valued personal injury clients – and we’re determined to provide you with the legal success story you deserve. While we handle a wide array of injury cases, we employ a customized approach to ensure that each client receives high-quality service.

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Whether we know it or not, negligence is present in every Connecticut resident’s daily life. It can occur on the road, at the store, or in the hospital. We might not notice this carelessness every time it happens, but it’s all around us – and in many cases, it leads to untold devastation. Whether they’re involved in car crashes or slip and fall accidents, the victims of negligence can suffer severe physical injuries and emotional trauma. Over time, many also find themselves struggling under the burden of medical bills and other major expenses. Therein lies the value of strong personal injury representation in New London. With a New London Injury lawyer in your corner, it may be possible to secure significant remuneration. This can cover not only health care expenses, but also lost wages and a variety of other costs related to the accident.

If you or a loved one have suffered due to someone else’s negligence, it’s time to take action. A successful personal injury lawsuit could bring about not only a sense of justice but also considerable compensation for damages. The sooner you get in touch with the New London Personal Injury Lawyers at McCoy & McCoy, the better.

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Car Accident Attorney in New London, CT

As a responsible New London driver, you expect other motorists to follow the rules of the road. All too often, however, these individuals demonstrate negligence behind the wheel.

This carelessness regularly leads to devastating accidents, in which victims may suffer at no fault of their own. The New London car accident attorneys at McCoy & McCoy understand this devastation – and believe in the power of strong legal representation to bring light to the most difficult situations.

Depending on the nature of your car accident, it may be possible to secure considerable compensation. This could include not only coverage for medical bills but also lost wages and even emotional duress. Legal proceedings can prove worthwhile, but by no means are they easy. Ideally, you’ll navigate this process with support from a top car accident lawyer in New London, CT. Your attorney can help you present the significant evidence needed to secure a positive case outcome.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, it’s critical to get in touch with a trusted New London car accident attorney. Don’t hesitate to seek support from the team at McCoy & McCoy. Our attorneys have a long track record of success handling complicated car accident cases. We provide personalized service in the interest of meeting your unique needs and can even travel to meet you at your location throughout the New London area.

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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in New London, CT

Motorcycle adventures provide endless thrills in the New London area – but they also come with their fair share of danger. Unfortunately, even the most responsible motorcycle enthusiasts are constantly surrounded by careless drivers.

As damaging as negligence can be for traditional motorists, it’s that much more alarming for motorcyclists. After all, bikers are more physically vulnerable than other drivers, and thus, have a higher risk of sustaining severe injuries.

Given the uniquely devastating nature of motorcycle accidents – and the central role negligence often plays – it’s important for victims to seek justice. A skilled motorcycle accident lawyer in New London, CT can make all the difference. Your attorney can advocate aggressively on your behalf, drawing on extensive evidence to prove that another driver’s carelessness prompted your current suffering. Additionally, your motorcycle accident attorney can help you recover damages related to medical bills, lost wages, and emotional distress.

McCoy & McCoy is an excellent resource for injured motorcyclists in New London. Our legal team has successfully resolved a variety of difficult motorcycle accident cases. We believe that aggressive advocacy can make all the difference both in and out of court. However, when working with clients, our attorneys are attentive, compassionate, and determined to provide stellar service.

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Slip and Fall Lawyer in New London, CT

When you navigate sidewalks or enter business premises in New London, you expect safe surroundings. After all, local property owners have a responsibility to maintain hazard-free spaces, in which visitors can enjoy themselves without fear of injury.

Unfortunately, many locations in New London are chock full of hidden dangers. These can include puddles, worn carpeting, tangled cords, and more. Such issues can easily lead to devastating slip and fall accidents. The emotional and physical suffering from such incidents can’t be understated – nor can the victim’s need for financial relief.

Many victims feel hopeless after suffering slip and fall accidents in New London – but luckily, help is available. Strategic legal representation may open the door to both justice and considerable compensation.

It’s no secret that personal injury attorneys can play a key role in recovering slip and fall damages, but not just any lawyer will cut it. The quality of your counsel can make a huge difference – hence, the value in working with the experts from McCoy & McCoy. Our board-certified trial lawyers have a long history of success in personal injury. We understand the suffering prompted by slip and fall accidents – and we’re determined to help by providing customized legal support designed to meet the specific needs of each client.

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