Expert Personal Injury Lawyers in Hartford, CT

Expert Personal Injury Lawyers in Hartford, CT

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McCoy & McCoy boasts a long history of success in personal injury law. Over the years, we’ve helped a variety of Hartford clients reach impressive case resolutions. Our experience spans across several areas of personal injury, but we always employ an aggressive, client-centered approach. For this reason, McCoy & McCoy is highly respected not only in Hartford, but also in Greenwich, Danbury, and all over Connecticut.

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From car crashes to slip and fall accidents, a variety of traumatic events can cause great suffering to many people throughout the state of Connecticut. As a result, the victims of these accidents may spend years or even decades dealing with both physical injury and emotional duress. Meanwhile, the medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses associated with such events add up quickly, prompting yet another source of stress for already burdened individuals.  Amid such difficult circumstances, it’s important to seek legal counsel from a respected Hartford injury lawyer. Assertive representation from an injury law firm in Hartford, CT can make all the difference in your case, potentially paving the path to a successful resolution that involves both justice and adequate compensation.

No matter the details surrounding your current legal situation, you deserve compassionate service from a Hartford personal injury attorney. McCoy and McCoy is a trusted resource that can play a crucial role in every aspect of your case, taking the steps necessary to ensure a favorable outcome.

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Hartford, CT Personal Injury Law Firm

Hartford Car Accident Lawyers

The roads in Hartford are not nearly as safe as they should be.

Negligent drivers are everywhere, and their recklessness behind the wheel places other drivers and passengers at risk. When such negligence leads to a car crash, you may be left to pick up the pieces. No matter the scope of the accident, you’ll want reliable legal assistance as you deal with the complicated aftermath.

The Hartford car accident lawyers boast an impressive track record of success in Hartford personal injury law, specifically with cases involving car accidents. The firm’s aggressive, yet strategic approach has led to many legal victories for valued Hartford, Connecticut clients.

The Hartford accident attorney at McCoy & McCoy are a top resource for Hartford, Connecticut car accident victims. Our Hartford car accident law firm is a convenient location, however, we are happy to visit clients throughout Connecticut to ensure that their concerns are promptly addressed.

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Hartford Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

As a motorcyclist, you are vulnerable every time you hit the road in and around Hartford, CT. Unfortunately, much of that vulnerability relates to negligent drivers.

Drivers failure to abide by the rules of the road can leave you dealing with significant suffering. Thankfully, you don’t have to go it alone. The Hartford motorcycle accident lawyers in Connecticut are here to help.

Boasting a strong track record in Hartford, CT personal injury law, the McCoy & McCoy team has worked with a variety of motorcycle accident victims. Our respected attorneys understand the devastation these accidents can cause for Hartford residents, but they also know the relief that can accompany a positive case outcome. They are determined to represent the best interests of CT motorcyclists negatively impacted by negligence on the road. The motorcycle accident lawyers in Hartford, CT work closely with clients in Hartford and several other communities, even visiting individuals in their respective locations to ensure greater convenience.

A proactive approach can make all the difference in the aftermath of a Hartford motorcycle accident. With McCoy & McCoy in your corner, you can take solace in knowing that one of the area’s most trusted legal resources will handle your case.

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dog bite

Hartford Dog Bite Lawyer

Dogs make wonderful pets, however, when their owner is negligent, serious damage can occur. Contact a dog bite lawyer in Hartford, CT today if you have been injured by a dog or animal.

Dog bites can cause severe damage, physically and emotionally. Injuries vary from wound infections, blood loss, deep cuts and lacerations to broken bones, neck and spinal cord damage, and muscle and tendon damage. It is crucial to have a Hartford dog bite lawyer on your side after a dog attack due to the serious nature of injuries. 

Finding the right dog bite attorney in Hartford, CT is vital in gaining the compensation you need and deserve. Our Hartford dog bite lawyers at McCoy & McCoy deeply care about Connecticut’s dog bite victims and want to recover as much compensation as possible by holding at-fault parties responsible for the accident. Get in touch with our Hartford, CT dog bite lawyers today. 

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Hartford, CT Slip and Fall Injury Lawyer

Business and property owners in Hartford are responsible for keeping their premises free of hazards that could harm customers or other visitors. Unfortunately, many fail to uphold this key obligation.

As a result of business and property owner negligence, unsuspecting Connecticut residents are vulnerable to slip and fall accidents, which can leave them suffering years later. These mishaps are far more traumatic than most people suspect.

Fortunately, slip and fall victims can feel confident knowing that they enjoy access to the best personal injury lawyer in Hartford – McCoy & McCoy. We hold a long history of success with slip and fall cases of all kinds. Our board-certified attorneys personalize their representation to ensure that clients’ unique concerns are addressed appropriately.

As the victim of a slip and fall accident, you deserve justice. The personal injury law firm in Hartford, CT can help you achieve exactly that, while also securing compensation for your suffering. Compassionate, yet assertive, our attorneys know what it takes to bring your case to a favorable close.

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