How Much Is My Claim Worth?

How Much is My Accident Claim Worth?

Determining the amount of compensation

In order to fully and accurately predict how much your motorcycle accident claim is worth, it is necessary to review all the details and circumstances of the accident, medical records, police reports and witness statements. If you would like a full assessment of the potential value of your claim, contact an attorney from our firm. There are many factors that contribute to the potential payout on an accident and the full extent of your injuries may not be entirely known at this point. The laws surrounding motorcycle accident cases are different than car accident injury cases, and a knowledgeable and committed lawyer from our firm is well-versed in all state law in these injury cases.

Proving Liability after an Accident in Hartford, CT

In order to receive any compensation you must be able to show that the other individual was fully or mostly to blame for the accident. Once responsibility has been unquestionably established the valuation of an accident claim rests on the determination of the general damages and the special damages. General damages consist of the full price of treatment for your injuries and the pain and discomfort caused by these injuries. Valuation for general damages depends on the type of injury, the time it will take to recover from those injuries, and whether those injuries will have any long lasting effects. The effect to which your injuries have impacted your life also falls under general damages.

Special damages entail any monetary losses accrued as a direct result of your injuries or any expenses you’ve had to pay. Lost wages and potentially lost income fall under special damages. Potential future lost income includes any possible promotions or pay increases you will now no longer qualify for, as well as benefits you will now no longer enjoy or the pension your injuries negate. Special damages also include the cost of prescription drugs, pain killers, physical therapy, psychiatric visits, paid help, unpaid help from family or friends, and any other expense generated by the accident.

McCoy & McCoy Will Give You the Facts

At McCoy & McCoy, our attorneys can assess your situation and considering the information and evidence surrounding the accident, determine the value of your motorcycle accident claim as accurately as possible. We believe that you should be compensated fully for any injuries or hardships you’ve had to endure as the result of a motorcycle accident. Contact a Hartford injury lawyer if you would like to know how much your accident claim is worth.

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