How do you recover after a bike accident?

After being involved in a bicycle accident in Connecticut, you may not know what steps to take as you recover. Because some injuries have the potential to be long-lasting, it is important to pay close attention to the recovery process. Some basic guidelines can help make the process easier.

While some bikers may want to get back on the road the day after an accident, you may sometimes require more time to heal. According to, it is important to remember that there is no set time line for accident recovery. One measure that can help you heal, and prevent future serious injuries, is stretching. Warming up your body can help protect your muscles the next time you are on your bicycle.

Sometimes your injuries may be mental as well as physical. You may find that you are reluctant to bike with other people, or take unnecessary precautions when biking because of anxiety. It is recommended that you take these mental injuries seriously instead of dismissing them. You may want to ease yourself back into your normal biking routine and start with shorter rides at lower speeds to regain your usual comfort level. Additionally, dissecting your fears and anxiety can help you understand what you are really afraid of. Once you know this, you can take steps to conquer these fears. If you are nervous about riding on a certain road, for example, you may want to bike with a friend to regain your confidence. It is also important to maintain a positive outlook.

While conquering your fears, do not forget about the physical injuries you may have incurred. Although you may sometimes need to step away from your bike while you heal, it is important to remember that time off or physical therapy will help your wounds heal completely. Additionally, you may want to wear more protective gear the next time you bike. Wearing knee and elbow pads in addition to your helmet can help prevent more serious injuries in the future.

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