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Frequently Asked Questions

How To Inquire About A Free Consultation

Understanding how to consult with a lawyer matters. Attorney Frank McCoy Jr. will get to the facts of your case quickly to get the most information from your consultation. He understands the value of sitting down with you one-on-one to discuss your personal injury concerns. You can contact our injury law firm online or call us to set up a free consultation about your potential case.

What is the Purpose of a Free Consultation?

If you are interested in a free legal case review, think of it more like an interview. Yes, you will be giving information to an attorney. But you will also be collecting information about whether you have a case and if that particular attorney seems like a good fit for your needs. Frank McCoy Jr. is known throughout New England as the “Connecticut Car Accident Lawyer.”

With certification as a Civil Trial Advocate from The National Board of Legal Specialty, Frank is dedicated to every client. If you have a case and want to work with Frank, he will focus on making sure the insurance company pays you a fair and just amount for your personal injury claim.

How to Prepare for that First Meeting

Preparing for your free legal consultation in Connecticut is important. You want to be as ready as possible to get the most accurate information from the attorney you meet with. If you have been in a car accident, bring the police report. Also, bring any other supporting documentation or information for your injuries. Different types of accidents may not have police filings you can show to an attorney you are consulting with, but you will likely have other evidence.

Witness statements, pictures, video, a report, other documents given to you by a business where you were injured, or any other proof of your situation should all be brought along to your initial consultation. Most of these free consultations are short, so you want to have everything ready from the beginning. The more you can provide when you first consult with Frank, the faster he can help you determine whether you have a case worth pursuing.

Consult With McCoy & McCoy

In Connecticut, motor vehicle accidents are on the rise, with 323 fatalities on the state’s roadways in 2021, up from 301 in 2020. Thousands more are injured in these accidents, due to medical malpractice and through slip and fall incidents caused by dangerous property conditions. If you have been injured and want to pursue legal action but do not have the funds, you may feel stuck and out of options. A free legal consultation with attorney Frank McCoy Jr. can allow you to seek legal advice without cost or obligation. Legal problems will not go away on their own. Consulting with a lawyer can give you valuable insight into proceeding with your personal injury case. Attorney Frank McCoy Jr. has represented people just like you for the last 20 years and will fight for fair and just compensation for your injuries. Here is what you need to know when considering a free legal consultation in Connecticut.
If you need a free legal consultation in the Hartford area, McCoy & McCoy can help you get the information you need today. With a free case review, you can work with Frank McCoy Jr. to decide what comes next based on injuries and other details of your specific case. Frank and the entire team at the injury law firm in Hartford, CT are here to protect your interests and fight for your fair and just compensation.