Dangerous Road Conditions

dangerous road conditions

Get Compensation For Car Accidents Caused By No Fault Of Your Own

How Common Are Accidents Related To Dangerous Road Conditions?

Although millions of auto collisions take place each year in the United States, most people do not realize just how many of these accidents have been caused by inherently dangerous road conditions. This may be an obvious minority when compared to accidents caused by drunk or distracted drivers, but defectively designed roads continue to contribute to a substantial number of fatalities each year nonetheless.

In fact, it has been reported that more than 20 percent of all fatal auto accidents involve a single car running off of the road, subsequently causing them to roll over or collide with a fixed object.

For this reason, our Hartford-based personal injury lawyers at McCoy & McCoy think it is important to address the steps that you can take if you are ever injured in a preventable accident under these circumstances.

Defective Road Design, Construction, Maintenance And Adaptation

In many cases, hazardous road conditions are the direct result of a defective design, negligent construction, poor maintenance and/or faulty adaptation to changing conditions. When any of these factors have affected the condition of a road, it may put all drivers at risk of being involved in a serious car accident.

All subsequent accidents that take place on this dangerous stretch of road may not involve another driver, but it does not necessarily mean that damage compensation is not in order. Instances in which you could potentially have grounds to pursue a personal injury lawsuit include:

  • Dangerous dips, slopes and curves in the layout
  • Obstructed visibility on a busy or dangerous stretch of road
  • Entrance/exit ramps that don't allow for adequate merging
  • Poorly placed, missing or improper warning signs
  • Missing or flawed guardrails in construction zones
  • Insufficient skid resistance on pavement
  • Using substandard materials to construct the road
  • Failing to fix dangerous potholes or cracks

Recovering Compensation From The Negligent Party

If you have been involved in an accident that was caused by hazardous road conditions, you may be entitled to seek compensation from the responsible party, which, in this case, would be the government.

These cases can prove to be particularly difficult for several different reasons, but this should not deter you from pursuing the rightful damages that you deserve. Not only would this help you to manage the costs associated with your recovery, but it would likely prompt the government to make necessary changes to the road that had caused your accident, preventing others from experiencing the same dangerous conditions.

For these reasons, you should not hesitate to find out how our certified civil trial lawyer, Frank McCoy Jr., and our entire team can help you. Simply pick up the phone and contact our office at 860-560-1514, or submit a free case evaluation form directly from our website to get started.