Motorcycle Crash Causes

Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Causes

What are the Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Connecticut?

Motorcycles are not constructed to protect a passenger or operator in the event of a crash. Motorcycle riders involved in a collision are far more likely to be injured or die than a person in a passenger car. A major advantage, however, is that a motorcycle is far more maneuverable. The ability to stop or swerve quickly has been the saving of many riders in a tight spot. Defensive riding along with constant vigilance has prevented thousands of potentially serious accidents. If, despite your best efforts, you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, it is important that you talk to a New London motorcycle accident attorney who has a real working knowledge of these accidents.

Recognizing the Dangers that Motorcyclists Face

Approximately one-third of all accidents do not involve another vehicle. Inexperience, dangerous roads, bad weather, obstacles or hazards on the road and other non-optimum conditions can lead to dangerous and deadly accidents. This leaves approximately two-thirds of all accidents involving one or more other vehicles. Many of these cases result in fatal injuries, requiring that a wrongful death claim be filed on behalf of the bereaved family. At the top of the list of causes of motorcycle accidents is the failure to register the presence of the motorcycle.

Major Factors in Motorcycle Accidents

The car, truck or bus driver may be distracted by something inside the vehicle, or by something outside. Although drunk driving accident numbers may be down-trending, intoxication from alcohol or drug use remains a serious danger to everyone on the road. The aggressive driver who speeds or ignores the right of way of others causes collisions which can result in severe injuries. The opening of a car door which swings into the path of the bike has become a more common hazard in recent years.

Legal Guidance You Can Count On

An experienced New London motorcycle accident lawyer with our firm investigates these accidents and files claims for damages on behalf of injured clients. We have helped numerous injured riders over the past decades and are fully aware of the challenges you face during this time.

We offer our support and assistance in recovering full compensation for your damages. A motorcycle injury lawyer with our firm takes an aggressive approach in negotiating or litigating for full settlement. Call McCoy & McCoy for a consultation. Contact a Hartford accident attorney with our firm who will demand maximum compensation for a client injured by a negligent driver.