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We stand by each of our clients every step of the way through the legal claim process, handling all legal aspects and communications. Your best interests always dictate our strategy!

A rear-end collision car accident.


When two vehicles collide in such a way that the sides of the vehicles hit each other, it is commonly referred to as a sideswipe accident. If you have been involved in a sideswipe accident, and you are wondering if you have a valid personal injury claim, you should speak with one of our attorneys.We strongly believe that negligent drivers should be held responsible for their actions, and our principal attorney, Frank McCoy Jr., is certified in civil trial law by the National Board of Trial Advocacy – a distinction that fewer than 0.5 percent of all Connecticut attorneys have earned. Our advanced litigation skills and advocacy are the pieces you are missing to obtain the full and fair compensation you deserve for past, present and future losses and damages resulting from your car accident.

To have a valid claim, it will be necessary for you to prove that the other driver’s negligence or carelessness was directly responsible for causing your injuries.

Our Dedication To Our Clients

We will help you gather the necessary documentation to prove your case and give you a much greater chance of being able to recover the maximum compensation you deserve.

Our firm has been recovering compensation through verdicts and settlements on behalf of people injured in car accidents and other personal injury accidents throughout Connecticut for more than 50 years. Each member of our dedicated team is committed to helping our clients document their claims and prove liability through comprehensive investigation that prepares our clients for success either through negotiated settlement or a verdict against the resistant insurance company.

Understanding Sideswipe Accidents And The Serious Injuries They Cause

Sideswipe accidents can happen when:

  • Making a turn
  • Merging into another lane
  • A driver becomes drowsy and drifts off into the next lane
  • As a result of over-compensation to avoid another vehicle

A sideswipe accident does not only happen with two vehicles going the same direction. In many instances, sideswipe accidents occur between two vehicles going in the opposite direction.

In worst-case scenarios, a victim in a sideswipe accident could lose his or her life. Car accident victims deserve to be compensated for their injuries. Medical expenses, repairs, lost income and other accident-related costs can be overwhelming. Compensation commensurate with your injuries will aid in your recovery and help you get back to living your life.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a sideswipe accident you believe was caused by another driver’s negligence, please call us at McCoy & McCoy now at 860-244-9100.