Can electric bicycles be dangerous?

If you love both high speeds and the environment, you may find the idea of an electric bicycle especially appealing. However, there are some hazards which you might only encounter while using this vehicle. Before you hit the road in Connecticut, it is good to be aware of these so you can take precautions.

When you ride an electric bicycle, it is important to remember that this vehicle is quiet. says that this means you need to use more caution around pedestrians and other bikers, as they may not hear you coming. Another hazard which can arise from your bike’s silence is twisting the throttle when the vehicle is on. You usually will not incur a bad wound but your bike may cause damage as it takes off without you. You can generally avoid accidents involving the throttle by making sure you always turn your vehicle off when you are not using it.

You might also encounter problems because of your batteries. Lithium batteries can sometimes catch fire while your bike is charging or while you are on the road. Because of this, it is a good idea to make sure your batteries are not accidentally punctured. Buying a battery pack instead of building one and encasing your batteries in a metal box can also help you avoid these issues.

Because you are not using a traditional vehicle, it may seem that you do not need to pay attention to traffic signals However, it is important to remember that traffic laws should still be obeyed. Additionally, you should use extra caution at intersections. Because your bike cannot attain the high speeds of a motorcycle but can reach speeds much higher than a standard bicycle, accidents can sometimes be more severe.

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