September 24, 2022
The last weekend of summer is here, giving New Englanders an extra excuse to celebrate the Labor Day weekend. Sadly, holiday weekends have a reputation for seeing an uptick in car accidents.  By Sunday morning of Labor Day weekend, police had already responded to over 200 car accidents in Connecticut. Six DUI arrests were made...
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With COVID-19 (Coronavirus) still present, many local police departments are changing how they respond to motor vehicle accidents. Part of that change is not coming to more minor accidents to reduce the chances of exposure to COVID-19. They’re trying to protect themselves and the general public and focusing on in-person interactions only when necessary  such...
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Every car accident is different, and the extent of your injuries and damage to your vehicle may vary depending on many factors. With this in mind, it’s only natural that you might wonder, “Do I need a lawyer for a car crash?” Below, we’re discussing six situations where expert legal representation is crucial: 1. If...
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