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Connecticut Drivers Rated Second Worst | Connecticut Personal Injury Attourney

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Speeding and distracted driving helped to get Connecticut drivers ranked 49th out of drivers in all 50 states. This rating came from EverQuote, Inc., who used a safe-driving app that measured speeding, hard turns, braking and phone use while driving. According to the report, speeding is the most common dangerous offense across the country, and in Connecticut, 53 percent of trips include speeds above the legal limit. The national speeding average is 46 percent of trips. Only Rhode Island drivers received a worst overall score.

Phone use while driving is the second most common unsafe behavior nationwide, although Connecticut ranked fifth in the country in this category. The country’s average was 38 percent of trips involve at least one distracted driving incidence, while Connecticut drivers averaged 31 percent. The Hartford Courant reports that distracted driving is still considered a large issue in the state, as lawmakers were debating raising the price of fines. As the fines currently stand, a driver’s first ticket for distracted driving is $150, second offense is $300 and third is $500. All of these amounts are doubled in work zones.

Distracted driving, as it pertains to cell phones, includes both talking and texting while driving and other phone usage outside of hands-free mode. According to reports, Pokemon Go is the second most popular app being used by drivers, and Netflix is in the top ten. Distracted driving killed over 3,000 people in 2014 and 430,000 more were injured in crashes. Reports also show that phone usage while driving is on the rise, which is why some lawmakers are considering stricter penalties.