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What should you do after a bicycle accident?

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When you are involved in a bicycle accident in Connecticut, it is easy to be overwhelmed or confused in the immediate aftermath. However, there are a few things you should do to determine if you are injured and need medical attention.

After a collision, it is a good idea to look for injuries that may not be immediately obvious, and continue to check in the days following. Bicycling magazine says that depending on the severity of the accident, you may incur internal bleeding or injuries and require medical attention. It is recommended that you examine your abdominal area for unusual firmness and breathe deeply, as these actions can alert you to an internal injury or cracked ribs.

It is important to know when you should call for emergency services after an accident. Although you may not initially think that a crash was serious, there are some warning signs to look for. Many of these involve head injuries, as these may have dangerous ramifications. If you or another bicyclist are unconscious after an accident or experience a headache that does not go away, it is a good idea to call for help. Additionally, you may want to seek medical attention if your helmet is cracked.

If you realize that you need medical attention, it is recommended that you have important information with you. This includes any allergies and medication, as well as other information you feel will be necessary in case of an emergency. If you are confused or in pain after an accident, having this information nearby can help emergency medical responders to give you the care you need.