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Top Bike Safety Tips to Follow

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Many bikers in Connecticut may think that the only guideline for safe biking is a helmet. However, there are many different ways bikers can keep themselves safe on the road. It is important to understand all of them so that people can keep themselves as safe as possible when they hit the road.

Bicyclists can be safe by ensuring that they ride on the correct side of the road. According to Bicycling Magazine, it is best for bikers to ride on the right side. Staying with the flow of traffic gives drivers plenty of time to pass safely around bicycles. While biking against traffic may feel safer, it can actually be more dangerous for bikers, as they have less maneuvering time if they need to react to an unseen road condition.

Bikers can also be safer on the road if they adopt a few new habits. says that using hand signals can help drivers understand a biker’s intentions. Additionally, bicyclists should make sure they are not in a car’s blind spot, and that they wear reflective materials if they will be on the road at night. Some bicyclists may want to install a mirror on their handlebars so they have a rearview mirror.

It is also important to make sure that bicycles have all of the necessary safety equipment. Bikes should usually have both a taillight and a headlight, as well as reflectors. Additionally, the brakes should work properly. Bicyclists may also want a horn on their handlebars. The required safety equipment sometimes differs from state to state, and it is important for bikers to ensure that their bicycle meets all of Connecticut’s regulations.