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How To Treat Road Rash Injuries

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Although bicyclists do their best to stay safe on the roads of Connecticut, sometimes an accident is unavoidable. Bicyclists may walk away uninjured but other times, injuries such as road rash may be incurred. Knowing how to treat this condition can help cyclists in the event of an accident.

Road rash is an abrasion bikers receive when their skin scrapes against pavement. says that it can come in a variety of forms, and it is important for cyclists to know them so they can understand the severity of their injury. The first kind of road rash does not require much medical care, as a biker’s skin might only be a little red. The second kind only damages the top layers of skin. Although the wound might bleed, it can usually heal by itself with some care. Bicyclists with the third kind of road rash usually lose several layers of skin and may also have exposed supportive tissue. It is usually best to seek medical attention for road rash of this severity.

This condition can usually be treated by the bicyclist. According to, it is important to immediately wash the injury. This allows bikers to determine how bad their road rash is and also removes any grit from the pavement. It is recommended that bikers pay close attention to their injury, as even mild road rash might become infected. Cyclists should look out for discharges and monitor their pain level.

Although some bikers may be content to simply put a band aid on their injury, it is important to use a proper bandage. Gauze and antibiotic should usually be applied to road rash on a daily basis. Bicyclists should also make sure that they change bandages every day.