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Summer bike safety

A rear-end collision car accident.

As spring gives way to summer, more and more people in Connecticut might get out on their bicycles. Riding a bike may be done for transportation purposes, for exercise or for sheer enjoyment. Kids and adults alike can partake in riding bikes as groups and as families but they should always be aware of the risks of riding on roads where cars also drive. Understanding some of the laws in place and keeping safety in mind is important at all times.

The League of American Bicyclists explains that the state of Connecticut requires cars, trucks and other vehicles to maintain a distance of at least three feet between their vehicles and a bicycle when passing a bike. Drivers may also be fined if they are found to not have taken reasonable actions and care when sharing the road with a bicyclist.

While helmets are required for any child under the age of 16, a parent may not necessarily be identified as negligent or responsible in any way for a child’s lack of wearing a helmet. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reminds people that wearing brightly colored clothing or reflective gear can help make them more visible to cars and is always a good practice.

Bikes and equipment should be inspected to ensure all parts like brakes and shifters work properly. Making sure a person’s bike is setup to fit them properly from the seat position and height to the position of the handlebars can also improve safety. A bike that is too big for a rider will be harder to handle.