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Scooter, Pickup Truck Collide; Hamden Man Killed

A rear-end collision car accident.

The driver of a motor-powered scooter was killed Saturday after a collision with a pickup truck, police officials say.

(Hamden, NJ, June 12, 2017) A Hamden man was killed on Saturday after colliding with a pickup truck while driving his motor scooter. The accident occurred at the Davis Street and Hartford Turnpike about 3:45 p.m., shutting traffic in the area down for a few hours as police investigated the crime and cleaned the mishap.

The scooter was traveling eastbound on Davis Street when it was struck by the truck, which was turning onto the intersection, traveling northbound on Hartford Turnpike. The man died instantly on impact with the vehicle.

The two passengers riding the scooter were both thrown from the vehicle. David Troiano, 38, driver of the scooter, was transported to Yale-New Haven Hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival. The 32-year old female passenger was transported to the hospital, suffering non-life-threatening injuries, and was later released from the hospital. The truck driver was uninjured.

There is an on-going investigation of this crash. If you have any information about the incident, police department officials ask that you contact Officer Kevin Hall at 203-230-4000.