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Bicycle accidents, a sad reminder for cyclist and motorist to proceed with caution

A rear-end collision car accident.

As the Connecticut weather gets warmer we see an increase in cyclists on the road. Unfortunately we also see an increase in car vs. bicycle accidents.

In Connecticut, cyclists are deemed by law to be drivers of vehicles and are entitled to the same rights on the road as motorists. A plea to all drivers, please be aware of cyclists on the road. Take extra caution when turning at intersections or backing out of driveways. Expect that there is a cyclist traveling nearby.

This past week a Canton man was killed after being hit by a car on route 44. The 42 year old man was struck as the motor vehicle made a left hand turn. The cyclist was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. The driver of the car was not hurt and police said the case remains under investigation.

A reminder to all cyclists traveling on Connecticut roads, please wear a form of identification, bright colored clothing, and a helmet. According to national studies, 85% of brain injuries can be prevented by wearing a helmet.

A reminder to drivers, expect to see cyclists on the road. Treat them as you would any slow-moving vehicle. When passing a cyclist, do so carefully, and at a safe distance. Do not use a horn while following a cyclist. The loud noise can startle the cyclist causing a crash which the driver can be cited for.

Quoting from the Department of Transportation, “It’s Everyone’s Responsibility to Share the Road.”